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Relativity is a highly scalable, feature-rich online review platform with diverse coding options, analytics, flexible workflow capabilities and concept searching. All delivered in a highly scalable, enterprise-grade eDiscovery solution.
The result – faster, more accurate review.

Relativity can automatically cluster similar documents together, which increases your document-to-document review speed without changing your existing review workflow. Your review teams can continue to code documents the same way they always have, while increasing speed and improving accuracy. And, clustering similar documents together requires no user input as Relativity's text analytics search engine does the work.

This is the standard in review technology, giving users the flexibility and scalability to handle the analysis, review and production on cases of all sizes.

Minimize Your Effort on Huge Volumes of Data. Don't waste time trying to turn your thoughts into a list of terms, or sifting through over-inclusive search results. Search how you think to find what you're looking for.

Harness the power of this incredible review technology on your next case by combining Commonwealth Legal’s strong professional services team and in-depth understanding of the Canadian legal market with Relativity’s proven history as the eDiscovery platform for the review, analysis and production phases of the EDRM.

arrow-mark Horizontal scalability to handle even the most complex cases
arrow-mark Granular security to precisely control what each party and user sees and does
arrow-mark Unparalleled review workflows and customization options
arrow-mark Intuitive categorization, clustering and analytics tools, and concept searching to help you find what matters most
arrow-mark Documents organized by similarity to increase doc-to-doc review speed and improved accuracy in coding
arrow-mark Automatic review batching based on your parameters
arrow-mark Workflow rules to automate the audit and review process
arrow-mark Foreign language support
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