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Friday Top Nine for April 14, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Apr 14, 2017 3:05:29 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. Why Lawyers Should Never Use Starbucks WiFi

    "We’ve all heard it: “Don’t use Starbucks/hotel/any unsecured wifi connections” because…all sorts of bad things will happen. But what happens? How does it happen? What are the chances of it happening? What can you do to protect yourself?" (via

  2. Detection: The Middle Layer of Cybersecurity

    "Viruses are often designed to be tough to detect. It makes sense that a person conducting a cybersecurity attack would want stealth to be a priority. The longer a virus goes undetected, the more valuable information can be gathered and used by the cybercriminal." (via

  3. Artificial Intelligence Coming Sooner Than You Think

    "Experts say artificial intelligence (AI) is coming sooner than you think and robotics will soon replace the work now being done by humans. And they will not just replace truck drivers — think taxis, trains and even your local salad maker." (via

  4. Women Remain ‘Hidden Figures’ in Cyber Security Industry

    "Women are still underrepresented and underutilized, especially in the field of cybersecurity, according to new research from the Centre for Cyber Safety and Education and the Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management & Privacy." (via

  5. Budget 2017: What's in it for Justice

    "The federal budget proposes to spend $55 million over five years to hire new judges, aimed mostly at Alberta and Yukon, to speed up the trial process in Canada." (via

  6. 8 of Our Favorite Songs on the Soundtrack of eDiscovery

    "...after bringing you a list of reading recommendations and documentaries for the e-discovery enthusiast, we thought we’d help you spice up your next review project with a killer playlist." (via

  7. Corporate Counsel Group Issues Law Firm Cyber Guidance

    "The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) has issued its first-ever guidelines on the basic data security measures that in-house counsel should expect from their law firms..."  (via

  8. 5 Mistakes Firms Make When Implementing Tech in their Business

    "People resist change. That’s what gets many companies into hot water when bringing new technologies into their operations. As many as 70 percent of new organizational systems fail because of cultural resistance..." (via

  9. Successful Goal Setting: Looking Back to Get Ahead

    "The challenge was to come up with a goal to achieve by the end of the year that was challenging but not impossible. I also needed to share a short plan to make it happen." (via

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