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Friday Top Nine for August 11, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Aug 11, 2017 6:02:03 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. How to Train ‘Lawyers of the Future’

    "Technology is huge, we should be teaching students to understand the basics of how the management of data and use of technology platforms intersect with legal practice" (via

  2. How CISOs Can Make Execs More Security-Aware

    "many strong security leaders are not strong technical people but they are evangelists who can bring together and convey the vision and be an agent of change to the organization(via

  3. Cyberattacks Will Soon Affect More Than Canadian Businesses' Bottom Lines

    "Although 76 per cent of Canadian executives surveyed admitted that they expect the number of data breach attempts to increase over the next year, less than half (46 per cent) reported that their organization's level of investments in cybersecurity will increase over the same time period.(via

  4. Three Ways Law Firms Use Technology for Client Communication

    "Plenty of things can disrupt your law practice, from unanticipated events like sudden illness or a natural disaster, to more expected things, such as pregnancy or moving your firm to a new location. Fortunately, there’s a great deal you can do to minimize the potential fallout. Planning ahead and being organized can go a long way to keep chaos at bay." (via

  5. What is IT Governance? A Formal Way to Align IT & Business Strategy

    "7 things you should know about IT governance, including choosing a framework and how to ensure a smooth implementation." (via

  6. IoT Data: Objective, Consistent, and Pervasive

    "Your phone records who you call and text, what websites you visit, and when you are active or asleep. Your fitness tracker records your heart rate and pace. Your GPS records your location, direction, and speed. All of this is Internet of Things (IoT) data and has three critical characteristics." (via

  7. Training Lawyers for Tomorrow

    "Law schools must focus on attributes, not just skills, for a new generation to thrive in tumultuous times. Ours is the era of the technological twin set. The information age is the parent of the consumer mantra, “better, cheaper, faster” — which, in turn, is driving a demand for greater efficiency, greater accountability and greater customer centredness."  (via

  8. Stop Wondering If You Did Something Wrong

    "Don’t spend all your time second guessing if you did something wrong. You probably did, but dwelling on it won’t change anything."  (via

  9. Five Steps to Unplug From Life and Work for a Week

    "Often, the goal is to physically leave the office while maintaining productivity, mostly through the use of technology. What if you decided to do it differently? What if you actually unplugged, leaving the office both physically and electronically?"  (via

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