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Friday Top Nine for August 4, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Aug 4, 2017 7:59:46 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. Survey Reveals Alarming Trend About CyberSecurity Advice

    "There are people who are not familiar with phishing, or who do not perceive it to be a significant risk, who are providing cybersecurity advice to other people. Contrast these advice givers' perception with reality - nearly all major breaches begin with social engineering attacks, with one recent study finding that over 90% of such attacks commence with some form of phishing..." (via

  2. This Startup Wants to Be the Salesforce for Legal Departments

    "Most lawyers would prefer to focus on the legal, not organizational stuff. Ironclad estimates that bad contract management practices can suck up to 10% of a given company's gross revenue.(via

  3. Know Your Weaknesses

    "The first key is knowledge. With the knowledge of our own traits, we can do whatever we want. But to remain blind to our own weaknesses serves nobody.(via

  4. How to Deal with Practice Disruptions

    "Plenty of things can disrupt your law practice, from unanticipated events like sudden illness or a natural disaster, to more expected things, such as pregnancy or moving your firm to a new location. Fortunately, there’s a great deal you can do to minimize the potential fallout. Planning ahead and being organized can go a long way to keep chaos at bay." (via

  5. [Quiz] What Analytics Feature Are You?

    "We’ve analyzed the personality behind some of the key features in Relativity Analytics to help you learn a bit more about yourself and finally answer that age-old question: What analytics feature am I?" (via

  6. Three Ways to Make Sense Out of Dark Data

    "To address the challenge of dark data, use artificial intelligence to unlock unstructured data, deploy modular and interoperable digital technologies, and build traceability into core design principles." (via

  7. 10 Critical Steps to Create a Culture of Cybersecurity

    "Although eliminating all cyber incidents is impossible, a "unified governance" approach that combines security with data management and information governance (IG) can help create a business culture that promotes a strong defense."  (via

  8. 5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Artificial Intelligence and What it Means for our Future

    "If AI is to become an engine of revolution, it’s up to us to imagine opportunities that will require new jobs. Apocalyptic predictions about the end of the world as we know it are not helpful."  (via

  9. How to Get Your Team to Use Their Vacation Time

    "Evidence is piling up that vacations are good for business. Not only does taking vacation contribute to enhanced productivity but it also immunizes our teams against the toxic negative attitudes that can be contagious in the workplace. So if vacation has such a good ROI, why are people taking less and less of it?"  (via

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