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Friday Top Nine for July 14, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Jul 14, 2017 6:01:00 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. What Will the Millennial Legal Market Look Like?

    "A SIGNIFICANT cultural shift is upon us as millennial lawyers begin to outnumber the baby boomer generation in the workforce. Our recent industry report outlined 14 ways this generation is changing the rules.(via

  2. How Lawyers Are Using Social Media in 2017

    "For solos and small firms, the goal of social marketing is lead generation and business development, pure and simple. How you get there is by building targeted relationships, providing solid content, and consistently adding value.(via

  3. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot To Provide Counselling In All 50 States

    "Its ability to provide information across state lines is based on local databases created with the help of lawyers and charities. Since state laws differ from each other, the bot is developed in such a way that it is locality-specific and shows only relevant local bots by detecting the user’s location.(via

  4. Average Data Breach Could Still Cost a Canadian Organization Millions

    "The average cost of a data breach suffered last year by 27 Canadian companies was $5.78 million, or $255 per lost or stolen record" (via

  5. Where Will Corporate Law Firms be Ten Years From Now?

    "Social media offers all sorts of ways of generating new clients, perhaps most obviously through the promotion of a range of free legal services, potentially involving the use of big data. Kids coming into the profession who are brave and bold enough to embrace some of the possibilities could find themselves very well-placed." (via

  6. Trump Jr. Revelations 'Email's Last Hurrah?' 5 Reasons It's Not So

    "Email evidence has become a routine linchpin of white-collar criminal prosecution, because everything anyone has ever thought is likely to be contained in email" (via

  7. The Board Directors You Need for a Digital Transformation

    "While digital directors must be able to communicate how advances in subjects like artificial intelligence and big data will ultimately affect the entire enterprise, we counsel our clients to be wary of “single issue” board members — the ability to contribute to all governance matters is a critical competency of any board appointment."  (via

  8. 5 LinkedIn Profile Features You Need to Get Right

    "Give yourself a good foundation on LinkedIn by creating a complete, custom profile tailored to your target audience. This means taking advantage of the following five profile features that most users overlook or do not think through properly."  (via

  9. Leveraging the small firm advantage

    "Client communication is more than just a client understanding your legal advice. It also entails the client understanding the value they are getting in hiring you. There are countless articles selling the benefits of working in small firms, but do your clients and the community around you know why they should be hiring a lawyer there? "  (via

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