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Friday Top Nine for July 21, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Jul 21, 2017 6:17:51 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

  1. Here's Another Sign That Apple Wants to be Seen as an A.I. Powerhouse

    "Apple's new Machine Learning Journal makes academic research slightly more accessible than research papers." (via

  2. Legal Skills Not Enough for Today’s Lawyers

    "With the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, lawyers will be even more valued for their ability to resolve problems pragmatically and strategically for clients. Those that can become trusted advisers and partners will be in high demand.(via

  3. Inventor of Parking Ticket Chatbot Sets Sights on Automating Divorce

    "The student entrepreneur who developed a ground-breaking free chatbot ‘robot lawyer’ to help people challenge parking tickets is working on an ambitious plan to automate the divorce process with the assistance of a team of salaried paralegals.(via

  4. Tech Talent in Toronto, Vancouver is Top Quality at Budget Rate

    "Out of the top 50 cities ranked across North America for their tech market size and quality by CBRE, Toronto and Vancouver are the sole Canadian cities to make the grade. Toronto is being dubbed the “fastest growing” tech market in large of its move up the Tech Talent Scorecard from number 12 to number six overall." (via

  5. Toronto Law Schools are Slowly Learning to Embrace Technology

    "If technology can address the time-consuming processes lawyers deal with regularly – even if it’s software that can catch errors quickly – then that helps save lawyers time and thus saves clients money" (via

  6. Pop Star e-Discovery: Taylor Swift Gets a Lesson in the New Rule 37(e)

    "If you ever think e-discovery law is the somewhat dry domain of software, servers, and many, many motions, yesterday’s Colorado federal court decision in Mueller v. Swift will remind you that ediscovery is so much more." (via

  7. Break Yourself: How to Vacation as a Solo Attorney

    "If the main reason you’re afraid to leave your business otherwise unattended for a week or so is that you’re worried about leaving your systems behind, there’s an easy way around that: start leveraging cloud software."  (via

  8. Please Prove You’re Not a Robot

    "When science fiction writers first imagined robot invasions, the idea was that bots would become smart and powerful enough to take over the world by force, whether on their own or as directed by some evildoer. In reality, something only slightly less scary is happening. Robots are getting better, every day, at impersonating humans."  (via

  9. Finding the Confidence and Courage to Lead

    "The path to leadership roles may not always be obvious in legal departments and law firms, but leveraging experience, having confidence and seeking opportunities with mentors can be important steps in moving forward."  (via

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