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Friday Top Nine for September 29, 2017

Posted by Marketing

Sep 29, 2017 5:49:40 PM

Our favourite links from around the web to kick off your weekend.

This week's roundup includes: The Benefits of Welcoming AI Into the Legal Department, Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?, Tech for Small Law and more...


  1. The Benefits of Welcoming AI Into the Legal Department

    "Artificial intelligence in the legal profession is often discussed in terms of how many lawyers will be replaced by the technology." (via

  2. Analytics Can Make Your Firm More Profitable and More Competitive

    "Analytics is about compiling information about how the firm currently does business, then analyzing that data to find ways to change practices to operate more efficiently – and more profitably.(via

  3. Tech for Small Law

    "Investing in tech has traditionally been a big challenge for small law firms, but new, low-cost solutions may be about to change that.(via

  4. Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated? Experts Weigh In

    "If you ask any expert as of today what should be regulated in AI the answer would have to be, inevitably, 'we don’t know'." (via

  5. Legal Tech 101

    "These days, the choices are infinite on where and how you can learn about 'Legal Tech'. This month, we asked our panelists their preferences when it comes to learning and staying on top of all things 'Legal Tech'."  (via

  6. The Nixon-Clinton-Trump Primer on Politics and eDiscovery

    "Regardless of political persuasion or preference, the great government scandals of the day have had one thing in common: People fought over the evidence. As legal combatants have squared off on evidentiary issues over the years, their disputes provide an excellent roadmap for the e-discovery practitioner, illustrating how politics and discovery of evidence sometimes make strange bedfellows."  (via

  7. Should you Worry About U.S. Border Agents Searching Your Phone? Yes, Says Privacy Czar

    "Canadians should be “very concerned” about their cell phones, computers and other electronic devices being searched by U.S. border agents, the federal privacy czar says."  (via

  8. Campaign Advice for CISOs for Cyber Security Awareness Month

    "As October Cyber Security Awareness Month starts the incident is another reminder that enterprise security is more than firewalls, anti-malware, behavior analytics and governance. It’s also about people."  (via

  9. How Can Technology Solve Our Access to Justice Crisis?

    "...there is a huge opportunity to put education and the law as products within legal services. By piecing together these tech-enabled solutions with law firms, we can vastly improve both education and access."  (via

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