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#TIPTO17 Keynote Presentation - Drum Roll Please...

Posted by Marketing

Sep 27, 2017 3:05:00 PM


We are very excited to announce our Opening Keynote Presentation that will uniquely demonstrate how connected we truly are, and leave you feeling inspired about the future.

Karyn Harty and Thomas Connor of the Irish Law Firm, McCann FitzGerald, will kick off Technology in Practice 2017 on Thursday, November 9 as they share their firsthand experience taking their law firm into the future using advanced technology and artificial intelligence. 

The Future is Now: From Fountain Pens to Automated Expertise.

With hindsight, we can now see that eDiscovery was merely a precursor to a more comprehensive interfacing of technology with the practice of law. With all of the change around us, it is often difficult to imagine what the legal profession will even look like just a few years from now.

But what if the tidal wave of technological innovation that is upon us actually changed things for the better? Could our career activities not only be more efficient and effective but more fulfilling? Is Artificial Intelligence the most natural thing that could come into play in a profession steeped in tradition?

Once considered a “nice to have”, technology is fast becoming the underpinning of how law firms operate, service their clients and compete in the marketplace. Join us for an inspiring glimpse into how a leading Irish law firm, on the cutting edge of legal services delivery, brought an entrepreneurial vision to international market leadership.

Karyn_Thomas.jpgPresented by Karyn Harty and Thomas Connor of McCann FitzGerald.

With Karyn Harty, Sr. Partner at McCann FitzGerald, joining us from Dublin, Ireland, via streaming video conference, and Thomas Connor, Lawyer/ Data Investigations Technical Specialist, in-person and on stage, this will be a truly unique presentation.

Be prepared to be inspired as you hear firsthand what it takes to move your law firm into the future.


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